Authentically unique... Live recorded, voice and piano blended together in beauty. Harmony from heart and sound; dark to light. played for love, light and positivity. Have Courage, Rise Above and Create.

What if instrumentals

These are the first instrumental compositions I created during some of my darkest days. I find inner strength to create music from my emotional states and express it outward instead of inward. Living positively helps me combat my inherent destructive behaviors and disabilities. When I play and create I honor myself and the music I feel; bringing my light from within forward.

Fired Up


This album is a product of positive thinking and what one can accomplish if they choose not to give up on themselves or their lives. My music is an expression of my life. It’s how I reach others on common ground. It is my voice, it is in my soul. It comes in many forms, each are unique. I have been lost, hopeless and even given up. Looking for answers, finding purpose, a reason to continue; sometimes all it takes is one moment of light, a glimmer of hope, to find the courage to struggle on. Music is my light even when all seems dark.
When I play I am surrounded by light, love and positivity.

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