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Rochelle Dal Collo Show 16 slate 2022 Copyright by RDC Indy Pet Inc_edited All Rights Reserved

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Welcome to our gallery of sight and sound. Combining music and visuals to express emotions and convey feelings. In 2015, I began creating my art, started singing and playing, started sharing, gaining bravery, strength and confidence.


Before that I was drowning in addictions, depression, destructive behaviors, pain and negativity... death loomed, overdose inevitable. Wanted to change desperately... to do better. Began with little steps, a little hope, never giving up no matter how many times I failed. Grateful I am alive to keep going, keep growing. Overcoming much, accepting what I can not control, bettering myself, becoming healthier and stronger each day.


Sharing positivity, strength, love and hope. Things can get better, never stop trying and doing! Learn to grow, let light show, do my art, share my heart.


Comments, positivity and love, please share with me, no spoons(energy) for negativity. I wish you a fabulous day! Do your best, you are wonderful! Love, light and gentle hugs!




About my process as an artist:


My art, sharing hope, love and light. Overcoming obstacles, coping with disabilities, little by little, never giving up!

* Rest often, limited energy, prioritize.

Starts with a melody, stuck in my head - write lyrics, compose music, sing and play piano, the song takes shape - practice, rearrange, rehearse again and again, get it just so.

On to recording, red light starts the show - Play, sing, the best that I can, no regrets, get it all out, one take, one shot, no mistakes my voice and piano beautifully entwined, my sound all my own. Exhausted, depleted, gave it my all.

With recordings completed body may rest, mind takes control and onto mixing and mastering the tunes. Making adjustments ever so slight, final touches make it just right.

Creating graphics, concepts for music videos and productions, casting and crew what a joy, must be safe. Meeting amazing people, working together, productions so much fun! Filming a passion, from behind the lens to in front of the camera, passionate about both, seeing my creative visions come to life.

Video editing, long hours, takes time, getting the look and feel how imagined, much love, make sure it’s my best!

PR and releases the final step, most nerve racking, high stress, sending out my creations, limitations challenged, never give up, moving forward.

From an idea of sound to creation of music, videos and releases – preproduction, production and post all a part of my art, my light. Every step a labour of love, an artistic creation of sound and visual representation of everything I am, everything I was, everything I can be and hope to give.

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