A bit About Me...

Maybe a bit different, little odd, a whole lot of unique; doing my own thing, enjoying my moments, being happy. Music, singing, playing and productions keep me going, makes it worth it!  My journey as an artist has brought much joy and purpose to my suffering. My lyrics often mantras I use everyday to keep positive and happy. Every small step forward, every person I meet, every chance I get to share my music so worth the hardships. I have an amazing wife who is supportive and loving. She is one reason I carry on everyday and strive to do as much as I am able to. Disabilities overwhelm, starting over each day coping, doing my best. I do what I can with my limitations. I maintain a positive mental state by seeing the bright side of most things. Sharing my music and what I have most of, my love, empathy and light. 💙

Recovering from addictions, eating disorder and mental disorder; healing from abuse, coping with disabilities. Graduated from productions school, rehab and dialectical behaviour modification training. Adapting, changing behaviours and mental thoughts to positive and healthy. Got honest with myself, sought help, fell many times, keep getting up! I have survived bottom, never want to go back. Accepting what I can not change and changing what I can. My music reflects my light and shares my love.



  What If

  Fired Up

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