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4now4later4life Album
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Welcome, join me on my journey; empowering, encouraging, creating, sharing as much positivity, hope, honesty, love and light as I can. Listen, Share, follow, subscribe, like, purchase and enjoy! Thank you for your support, keep being wonderful!

Music artist, creator, singer, songwriter, producer, writer, photographer, performer

Favorite sayings: one day at a time, be good to you,

never give up

Accomplish what I can, try, do, make the best of everyday! Be kind and loving, share my talents, art and music. Grow to be my best version; coping with pain, disabilities and in recovery from opioid addiction, depression, borderline personality disorder, eating disorders and nicotine addiction. Dream as big as I can and do my best!

Rochelle Dal Collo Piano Mar 2023 copyright by RDC Indy Pet Inc. All Rights Reserved
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