Height: 5'6 almost ;)

Eye and hair colour: blue/green, dark brown mostly
Music genres: inspirational, rock, adult contemporary

Instruments: voice, piano

Favorite sayings: one day at a time, every little bit counts, be good to you, never give up

Goals: dream as big as I can and do my best, share my art and talents, accomplish what I can and not be afraid to try, make the best of everyday!

Favorite drink: mocha frappe coconut milk half sweet no whip

Priorities: be a kind and loving person, express myself through art and music, spread as much love, light and positivity as I can, not be overwhelmed by disabilities

Skills: playing piano, writing and using my voice, productions, cooking, constructing, photography, coping

Qualities: caring, loving, creative, artistic, musical, assertive, positive, hardworking, dedicated, kind, calm, empathic, compassionate, resourceful, intelligent


Outlook: making music and creating has brought out the best version of me. Years of therapy, practice and training help me cope and live my best life. I do my best each day to maintain a balanced positive life, hard work and dedication required


Favorite things to do: creating, being in the moment, being active, playing and sharing my words, music and art, spending time with those I love, cooking, huge video gamer, building stuff, spending time with animals, gardening

Skills growing: balance, moderation, self discipline

Recovering: opioid addiction, eating disorders, BPD, nicotine and caffeine addictions

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