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Rochelle Dal Collo Show Nov 15 2022 Copy 2023 copyright by RDC Indy Pet Inc. All Rights Reserved

Personal Thoughts

Maybe a bit different, little odd, a whole lot of unique; doing my own thing, enjoying my moments, being happy. Music, singing, playing and productions keep me going, makes it worth it!  My journey as an artist has brought much joy and purpose to my suffering. My lyrics often mantras I use everyday to keep positive and happy. Every small step forward, every person I meet, every chance I get to share my music so worth the hardships. I have an amazing wife who is supportive and loving. She is one reason I carry on everyday and strive to do as much as I am able to. Disabilities overwhelm, starting over each day coping, doing my best. I do what I can with my limitations. I maintain a positive mental state by seeing the bright side of most things. Sharing my music and what I have most of, my love, empathy and light. 💙

Rochelle Dal Collo Ep8b 2022 copyright by RDC Indy Pet Inc. All Rights Reserved

Favorite colour: blue, black is a close second

Birth date/sign: March 17, pisces metal rooster

Piercings: lip, nose, eyebrow and 5 in each ear including the tragus

Tattoos: 3, my very first at 16 is on my ankle and is a rose with vines

Self taught joys: cleaning, organizing, self discipline


Favorite treat: Mocha Frappe with coconut milk half sweet no whip


Relationship status: happily married, thankful for our many wonderful years together

Outlook: making music and creating has brought out the best version of me. Years of therapy, practice and training help me cope and live my best life

Artistic achievements: releasing music and creating productions is an unbelievable and huge achievement for me. Playing, singing, creating and sharing original music, so awesome, so grateful!

Favorite shows: comedies, scifi, shows about inspiring people over coming the challenges in their lives

Happiest life moments: wedding day and everyday with my wife, getting clean and being in recovery, finding and making music and productions, being pregnant

Hardest life moments: miscarriage, stopping addictions, depression, self harm and suicide attempts, pain overload

Disabled since: since as far back as I can remember I have had terrible pain in all parts of my body and have suffered with physical, mental, emotional and learning disabilities. Diagnoses began at 10 years old, medication began at 14 years, first with antidepressants then will pain pills and sleeping meds. Followed by over 15 years of aggressive poking, prodding, testing, operations and procedures and countless prescription trials

Medical terms and diagnoses: chronic pain disorder, fibromyalgia, Asthma, chronic migraines/cluster headaches, ibs, vaginismus, Endometriosis, depression, borderline personality disorder, Bulimia, insomnia, anxiety, obsessive compulsive disorder, dyslexic/ learning disabilities

Therapies I find most helpful: retraining my brain with positive thoughts, actions and behaviours - balanced living, water therapy(hot and cold), massage, rocking and swaying - gentle motions, distraction - do something you love, acceptance of what I can not control, stretching/yoga/Thai Chi, calm deep breathing, kindness with others, myself and my limitations

Lesbian epiphany: When I was around 10 years olds I started realizing that my crushes were all female. By 14 years old I knew I was not heterosexual and I began to learn how to love myself and be true to who I am. I came out at 17 years old and after many years and experiences, I learnt to be comfortable and confident with who I am

Dislikes: mean or negative people, giving up, impulsive, destructive, judgemental or angry energy

Religious views: I believe in love and light; doing good and being kind. Tuning positivity and hope with compassion, love and empathy for all

Favorite physical activities: badminton, biking, rollerblading, golfing, walking, playing piano and singing

Favorite video Games: rpgs mostly like Mass Effect, RDR2, Dragon Age, Fallout, Animal Crossing, Stardew Valley, Need For Speed

     sharing my experiences and how I cope, give hope. 💙☀️🤗

     You are amazing and you are so very strong. 💜 Be angry, be sad it is all part of the process. 👍 Emotions are wonderful and need to be expressed. (in positive ways hopefully) You’ll find though that anger takes far more energy then sadness. The truth of you choosing to exist in this world let alone with conditions on your life is astonishing. 🤗 I haven’t always been so positive. In fact I used to be very negative and self deprecating. 👹 It was going to kill me through accidental overdose and self loathing. I can’t choose something’s in this life like having Fibro or pain. I can choose how I react to the things this world throws at us. 💩 I got to my darkness point and saw 2 roads ahead; dying through overdose in darkness or drastically changing the negative patterns I had developed. I didn’t want to die, I wanted to find a way to live. ☀️ What I was doing was not working. I had to grow and put effort into being the best me I could be. I had already been the worst to myself. The hardest is reconditioning the mental thoughts to become positive ones. It has become daily practice for my spouse and I to change the tone and pattern of our speech and thoughts from negative to positive. 🌞 Yes it is work, life is just that. You’ll find that after awhile it becomes easier to do. It takes far less energy to be positive and light then to be in darkness and negativity. Way more fun too. 😄


     We all have our own unique journeys; we can help one another become the best versions of ourselves. Be good to you, we are beautiful. Keep strong, my friend. 💜☀️🤗


Dear Rochelle Dal Collo's Body

     We understand we do not feel well today... and most days for that matter. 😊 We know we feel like we went on an all night bender and got hit by a train. We know we want to give up and die sometimes then to continue on everyday/all day being in constant agony. We realize we suffer from disabilities and conditions; we can not let that stop us! We humbly ask you to please continue to move forward with us. Please push on, past the pain, through the stress and the negativities of life. For we have come so far together and have gained so much. We are so grateful to you for what you have done and for what we have achieved over the years. From where we were, to where we are, to where we will be; it can be amazing if we do it together! We know we get lost sometimes and it gets very dark sometimes; please do not lose hope or light for we are always with you. We are worth the struggle and fight to continue on!

     We are special, unique and loved by light! ☀️ We feel what others may not. We have the ability to spread sympathy, empathy, compassion, love and light to those who suffer and to those who do not. We promise to help you by being positive and guiding us through our journeys as best as we can. At times we may send you mixed signals and confuse you. 😜 For this we are truly sorry; remember we do not require perfection from us. Somethings in life will be out of our control, together we can overcome anything! 😀 We promise to work hard everyday to cheer us on, keep us positive and living in the light. ☀️ We promise to let us feel emotions and cry when it gets difficult and overwhelming. We will be mindful of our moments and help us rise above the obstacles that we will face. We also promise to let you rest in peace with no judgements when you are required to do so.

     We understand you alone bare the physical charge of this world and that you are doing the best you can. We thank you for your strength and endurance. We love you very much and only want good things for us! Happy New Year, love, light and laughter to all! ☀️💙

Yours truly, sincerely and love
Rochelle Dal Collo's Mind and Soul

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